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Skyryse FlightOS,
the future
of general aviation

At Skyryse, we are reimagining the future of air mobility through high levels of automation. Our approach incorporates the value of human judgment in conjunction with an intuitive human-machine interface. 


Easy to use interface


Cross platform interoperability


Commercial aviation level safety


We are revolutionizing the world of aviation
safety, simplicity and accessibility.

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Aviation hasn’t changed much in the last 75 years

FlightOS removes the complexity of flying while increasing pilot safety by removing or replacing dozens of manual aircraft flight controls, including gauges, knobs, and dials, with a completely reimagined HMI (Human-Machine Interface). Manual flight controls, including push-pull tubes, cables, and pulleys, are replaced by highly automated fly-by-wire systems increasing general aviation safety to commercial levels. 

Piloting an aircraft is still complex

Flying is complex, requiring pilots to constantly log flight time to remain proficient and safe.


Limited pilot supply

FlightOS boosts pilot supply by simplifying the cockpit and flight controls as well as automating certain features. FlightOS makes it easier to manage any aircraft and earn a pilot's license.

More than 300 deaths in general aviation every year

Skyryse offers a step-change in safety improvement by bringing fly-by-wire and high levels of automation to general aviation. FlightOS combines dynamic flight envelope protection with IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), ensuring the aircraft always remains within its limits and capabilities while flying through clouds and in low visibility. We believe this technology can reduce and one day eliminate general aviation fatalities. 

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Introducing FlightOS

The future is now

Skyryse FlightOS brings trust, safety, and the accessibility of flight to any airframe. Our system delivers increased levels of safety and simplicity by removing mechanical complexity and adding highly-intelligent and highly-automated systems. Through fly-by-wire systems and triply redundant, dissimilar architecture, FlightOS aims to bring general aviation fatalities to zero with convenience, confidence, and peace of mind.


Safety for all.

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