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Meet the simplest, safest, and smartest system in the sky

Much more than autopilot, SkyOS is true full flight management, seamlessly integrated with the most intuitive flight controls ever designed

Skyryse Tablet with Controls

One Display Unit, Total Control

No more blind groping for critical functions. Everything from flight controls to circuit breakers are now integrated into a single display unit with intuitive touchscreen commands.

Engine & Rotor System Protection

Continuously monitoring RPMs, temperatures, pressures, and torques, SkyOS controls the flight to keep the engine within limits from start-up to shut-down, in all conditions.

Hover Assist

What traditionally required both hands and feet now just requires your command. Skyryse One maintains a stable hover wherever you dictate.

Dynamic Envelope Protection

SkyOS keeps you in a safe envelope at all times by continuously processing pilot inputs, environmental conditions, aircraft status, and flight parameters.

Inherent Stability

Skyryse One is continuously stabilized by SkyOS, at any time you can let go of the controls and the aircraft will stay inside a safe flight envelope.


Skyryse One will be fully certified for Instrument Flight Rules, at half the cost of a traditional IFR-certified helicopter.

Skyryse Tablet with map and flight view

SkyOS offers a level of system-wide safety never seen before in general aviation

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