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Fly Simple.
Fly Safe.


Introducing Skyryse One

Powered by SkyOS

It’s not an improvement on the helicopter
It’s a revolution

SkyOS eliminates hundreds of parts and potential points of failure by replacing antiquated mechanical components with Skyryse designed smart actuators.
 One Stick Control
It’s simple, intuitive, and everything you need for complete control. One-handed flying is finally here.


Two touchscreens eliminate the need for complex switches and gauges. Ready to start the engine? Swipe to the right.

Auto-Pickup & Set-Down

Skyryse One streamlines everything, picking-up and setting-down with simple swipe commands on the touchscreen.

Fully-Automated Autorotation

SkyOS quickly recognizes a power failure and automatically enters into an autorotation, automating the glide, flare, and set-down - with the pilot in control.


Triply-redundant and dissimilar systems provide a level of aviation safety found only in commercial airliners, fighter jets, and spacecraft.

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