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Our mission is to make every aircraft simpler and safer – and unlock the freedom of flight for everyone.

Saving Lives

Continuous learning and evolution.

Since 2000, there have been 1,084 helicopter fatalities in the United States. SkyOS could have saved 824 of those lives.

We understood that logistics was more than just moving goods from point A to point B. It was about understanding the nuances of each industry, deciphering the complexities of global trade, and leveraging technology to build bridges of efficiency.

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Since 2000, there have been more than 12,000 aircraft crashes leading to more than 3,800 aviation fatalities here in the United States. Each crash and tragic death leads to a greater distrust in flight by the public.

It’s been a quiet crisis without a solution....

...until now.

It's a revolution.

Meet SkyOS™, the world's first universal operating system for flight.

Powered by Deterministic Expert AI, SkyOS brings general aviation into the modern world, replacing antiquated mechanical controls developed over 60-70 years ago with the simplest, safest and smartest system in aviation.

SkyOS turns this...

Explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as we embrace tomorrow's innovations, shaping a future filled with progress, discovery, and limitless potential.

...into this.

It's a revolution.

This is Skyryse One™, the world's first production helicopter powered by SkyOS.

Thanks to SkyOS, Skyryse One empowers pilots with a triply redundant, fly-by-wire system controlled by a single control stick and two touchscreens.

Skyryse One

Discover our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in crafting state-of-the-art vehicles that redefine mobility and elevate driving experiences for all.
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From a VIP in-person experience to a virtual consultation with the Skyryse team, requesting a demo is the first step to owning the Skyryse One and learning more about our SkyOS flight operating system.


Skyryse is making its AirVenture debut

The Skyryse team is excited to be headed to Oshkosh to join the general aviation community and to show off what's new.

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