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Our mission at Skyryse is nothing less than a new era in flight, where fatalities are nearly zero, and piloting any aircraft is simple and safe

As both a pilot and an engineer, I’m very concerned with the lack of evolution within general aviation. Commercial airlines are safer than ever but there are still over a thousand small aircraft crashes every year. Why are small planes using the same complicated analog controls from the 1940’s? Why does a helicopter still require both hands and feet just to maintain a hover? The technology exists to do better. It just hasn’t been applied. I started Skyryse to make small aircraft as safe as the big ones. We’ve created a universal flight control system that’s simpler and safer. SkyOS is going to save lives.

Dr. Mark Groden

CEO, Skyryse
"Simpler is safer. Reducing complexity and the need for split-second, complicated decision-making by pilots makes our skies safer. You’re on the cutting edge here - this will be an absolute game changer.  And it’s long overdue."

Bruce Landsberg

Senior Safety Consultant, Skyryse
Former Vice Chair, NTSB
Former President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Foundation
Former President, Air Safety Institute

Our leadership team


Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Groden

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Chief Legal Officer

Blake Bilstad

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Vice President,
Communications & Marketing

Ray Wert

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Head of Corporate Development & Investor Relations

Mary Grain

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Chief Operations Officer

Justin Ryan

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Vice President, Engineering

Steve O’Connor

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Vice President, Sales

Warren Curry

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Head of Talent Acquisition

Rita MacMartin

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Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Koo

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Vice President, Operations

Rika Jain

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Vice President, Design

Pete Blades

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Head of Certification

Andrew Telesca

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The Skyryse journey


Flew the first full-scale unmanned VTOL and debuted a 4-axis control stick in simulation

Air Methods signs agreement to retrofit their fleet of EMS aircraft with SkyOS technology

Skyryse expands and accelerates, moving into new HQ, development, and flight ops locations 


Air Methods Rescue helicopter

Public reveal of SkyOS technology and first production reservations accepted for Skyryse One

Skyryse One helicopter



Developed and deployed the world’s highest volume, full-service air-taxi service, informing the development of SkyOS

black Skyryse "y" logo

Skyryse is founded with the mission of saving lives through simpler, safer flight controls


Successful deployment of Skyryse technology-equipped aircraft in service of the FBI, law enforcement, and first responders in Tracy, CA

First piloted flight with Skyryse FlightOS software, which will evolve into the core of SkyOS


FAA logo

FAA approves Skyryse program


Skyryse achieves 100% FAA Means of Compliance, providing a clear path to certification

Announces first low-cost Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) certified VTOL, disrupting the status quo and proving smaller can be safer

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Skyryse test pilots turn off the engine power and perform the world’s first fully automated autorotation

Completed assembly of the first Skyryse One, production-conforming aircraft powered by SkyOS

First successful “swipe right” engine startup of Skyryse One using the touchscreen display


Secured $205 million, closing the largest Series B funding in aviation and aerospace history

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A proven Robinson became the foundational platform for Skyryse One and the SkyOS system


Black Skyryse "y" logo


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