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We want to empower anyone,
to fly anywhere, in any aircraft -
as safely as a highly experienced pilot.

Our Mission

To bring general aviation fatalities to zero.

At Skyryse, we believe it’s our moral imperative to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, general aviation fatalities through the widespread adoption of our universal flight deck. Our system makes flying accessible and safe for all. With our technology, earning a pilot’s license is easy, empowering anyone to experience the joy and freedom of flight, and connect with the world.

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

From the past to the present

Over a century after the Wright Brothers changed the course of aviation at Kitty Hawk, we are ushering in the next leap forward.

Skyryse is standardizing flying through our interoperable flight automation system, and we have a clear path to certification.

In the news

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A long journey to get here

Success comes from our real world experiences


Skyryse is founded

Opened first workspace in San Francisco to solve for scalable aerial transport 


Unmanned flight


Within three months, built and flew the first unmanned VTOL and demonstrated a four-axis joystick  

Municipal operations

Deployed radar and vision-equipped rotorcraft in partnership with Tracy, CA Emergency Medical Services



Operated the highest volume door-to-door air taxi service globally

Launched and operated the highest volume, full-service, multimodal door-to-door air-taxi service in the world, leading to the development of the first cost-effective IFR VTOL

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Robinson Helicopters partnership

Signed development agreement with Robinson Helicopters making highly-automated flight simple, sensible, safe and affordable


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Air Methods

Signed deal to retrofit Air Methods' EMS fleet of airplanes and rotorcraft, allowing EMS technicians to focus on the mission rather than staying safely in the sky


Major OEM partnerships


Several major OEMs signed to implement Skyryse’s FlightOS, increasing number of safer aircraft and pilot population

$205M Series B Funding

Closed largest Series B funding round in aerospace history, set to revolutionize safer and more accessible flight for all

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Path to FAA Certification


Achieved 100% FAA means of compliance utilizing systems and technologies already known and certified, providing a clear path to market


First Cost-Effective IFR-Certified VTOL

Announces first single-pilot, fly-by-wire VTOL providing full Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), certification, and capability adding confidence, safety, and control to smaller, light-utility turbines


Air Methods + Skyryse

The future of aviation is Skyryse technology.

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